Robert honored with Energy Globe Award – World Award for Sustainability PRAGUE 2009

Nearly all the hydrogen currently manufactured in the world is through the steam reforming of hydrocarbons, process that has low energy conversion efficiency and results to rapidly growing number of 8.8 billion tons of carbon being emitted annually – in order to generate one tonne of hydrogen, there has been released eight tonnes of carbon; this is data from 2009 by Royal Society of Chemistry.

Necessity to heat the enormous catalyst inside the steam reformer to the high working temperature average of 800 degrees C, spends large amounts of energy in order to operate. 8.8 billion Tonnes of carbon emitted in the atmosphere are devastating result of the anticipated “clean energy” usage. We cannot seriously think of kick-starting Hydrogen Economy without addressing this first obstacle. – Excerpt from speech given on GREEN LEADERS SUMMIT 2013 –  Sydney, Australia


Plasma assisted hydrogen generation from water or natural gas; Projected to serve on-demand scalable stationary and mobile utilization with fuel cell, combustion and life support systems; Under highest energy efficiency employing LENR exothermic effect;

Hope Cell can be adapted to many existing devices and utilities which already consist of significant technical and capital input while minimizing need for grid or expensive hydrogen infrastructure, therefore bridging the gap of technology in transition from the 20th to the 21st century;

Transition from hydrocarbon fuels to hydrogen technological solutions


Euro International Energy Innovation SummitIt has been published that Hope Cell will participate with a presentation on the Euro-International Energy Innovations Summit.

Looking forward to jet another international presentation of Hope Cell project.

More info follows shortly.

Summit web pages http://www.continental-ig.com/about-the-summit/

Innovation Sumit Frankfurt 2017 - Hope Cell on the Menue

As the world gets to grips with the realities of global warming and consumers become more conscious about helping the planet, clean energy has been thrust into the limelight. Companies are under increasing pressure to utilise more clean, renewable energy sources and as such are turning to the firms, consultants and experts across the clean energy market who are committed to supporting this energy revolution.

As such the 2016 Clean Energy Awards have been designed to reward and recognise those who are working diligently to support the development and implementation of clean energy solutions.



My 60 second pitch



In the energy utilisation field, science advancements are giving us several options of developing new technologies, but the drawback of each of those options are preventing us on our path to “0” carbon emission produced energy as an on-demand mainstream. Those technologies are also creating new dependency of network grid for energy sources, with restricted ability of usage.

Hope cell complements those advances in an evolutionary way; it significantly lifts energy efficiency, lowers the price of generated hydrogen in carbon-less condition, and is a viable option for mainstream energy platform.    Energy Globe

On-site, off-grid, scalable generation of hydrogen eliminates restriction in generating and utilisation of hydrogen for mobile and stationary fuel cell application. Its ability to conserve alternative sources produced energy for on-demand usage, overcoming insufficiencies in existing technologies, and filling the gap within the missing link in a quest for “0” carbon solutions.

Hope cell is a pioneering technology that is strategically positioned to present a strong possibility of significant importance and represents a breakthrough in clean energy solutions.

It won an Energy Globe Award, a prestigious World Award for Sustainability. It was presented globally on Green Leaders’ Summit in Sydney, Australia.

Through various media presentations, Hope Cell Technology has also received very positive reactions and endorsements in the scientific, economic and general public circles worldwide.

Hope Cell Intellectual Property is now strongly presented with a family of granted patents and will help to ensure our future path to success, and strong position on the global stage.

There is opportunity of the proposed technological solutions for the commercialisation with a strong potential global market presence.

The next step for Hope Cell Technologies is to exploit the commercial value of this compelling solution by creating market-ready prototypes and investing into corporate development through Joint Venture where partner is sought-after.

To learn more of this exceptional opportunity please contact the author – robert@hopecell.com


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Our Investments

We are building significant resources by investing in our Intellectual Property protection as well as in infrastructure for our business. Apart from that, we strongly believe that investments in our team are most important one.



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