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My engagement, since 2001, in Research and Development resulted in significant improvement in theoretical and practical knowledge in field of Plasma Physics with pioneering work on clean hydrogen generation through hydrogen embrittlement in metal hydride lattice and self induced exothermal reaction LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction) mechanism establishment. I invented – Hope Cell scalable device which employs plasma discharge in hydrogen medium to produce hydrogen gas and induce heat under highest energy efficiency. Hope Cell – some of numerous advantages: · Unmatched energy efficiency · It compliments many existing devices and utilities with evolutionary improvement of clean energy on-demand; on-site · Converting alternative sources of power to on demand utilities · Scalable device with clean energy conservation · Low cost application · Minimizing need for grid or expensive hydrogen infrastructure · Bridging the gap of technology in transition from the 20th to the 21st century I was honoured with receiving the prestigious ENERGY GLOBE AWARD – World Award for Sustainability for this unique concept with proven potential to attract world-wide markets. Invited as an speaker on Green Leaders Summit 2013 – Sydney Australia, where presented leading edge development in generating clean energy Patents United States US B2 8.409.422 United States US B2 8,911,596 Australia AU B2 2008253584 Australia AU B2 2010286322 Switzerland WO2008141369 Switzerland WO2011022761 Honours & Awards Speaker at Green Leaders Summit 2013 Energy Globe Award / Prague 2009 La voce del popolo – Poetry award 3 Maj – Poetry award For more info and contact please visit my page https://hopecell.wordpress.com/

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